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MAIA Funded Programs and Projects in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District

Ivy League Project

 - Annual grants since 2006


The Science Fair/ROV Underwater Robotics Project

  - Teacher stipends 2007-2018


College Scholarships

 - Michael Sullivan Cabrillo Honors Scholarships since 2009

 - Michael Sullivan Student Scholarships since 1969

 - Dreamers Scholarships since 2014


Small Grants

 - Student college application fees since 1980

 - Middle School College Tours: 2007-2014

 - Girls STEM Conference transportation since 2013


College Scholarship Coordinator

 - Privately: 2005-2011

 - Co-funded with PVUSD:  2011-2015


Advanced Placement Initiative since 2014


Collaboration with

UCSC-EPC Program

    GEAR UP Program since 2004

    Watsonville College Success WCSS Scholarships: 2007-2015

    Girls Paving the Way, Grant from CFSCC: 2017-2020

Cabrillo College:

     Cabrillo Honors Program, Noche de Padres Dinner: 2012-2018

Digital NEST:

  - Digital NEST: Grants since 2016


College Board Member  – since 1980

"What I want most for the future, is to one day present my parents a diploma, my diploma from Harvard or Yale. I want my Grampa Juan and Grandma Andrea to hold it and feel proud. I want my family, through me, to feel that their family and name is worth something."

                                     – Ivy League Alumni

"Before the Ivy League Project, I had a vague vision of where I wanted to continue my education after high school. I wasn't even sure of what I looked for in a school ... or the resources available to apply. I merely had one goal, to educate myself about what was available to me. Visiting the colleges on the East Coast has filled in the gaps to my general goal. Now I feel that I've gained a stronger vision and therefore a greater purpose."

                                     – Ivy League Alumni

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